When did dogs go from eating table scraps to gourmet food?
When did they start wearing designer clothes and accessories?
When did they stop being pets and become our children?

MY KIDS HAVE TAILS is a light-hearted glimpse at how we humans tend to perceive our canine kids, sparing no expense on grooming, toys and tasty treats. (There are specialty bakeries for dogs throughout the nation and spreading.) We've gone as far as renting halls for canine weddings replete with peanut butter cakes and Barkmitzvahs when they reach thirteen. Oy Vay!

MY KIDS HAVE TAILS follows the progression of my four furbags, from basic dogs to spoiled rotten kids, which is certain to stride a responsive cord in all you Dog Mommies (and Daddies) out there.

"Quick! Grab a camera. He looks so cute."

Author Information



Marie Elizabeth Tomas is a columnist, humorist, novelist, and screenwriter. She began her writing career at local Brooklyn newspapers: Courier Life and Brooklyn Graphic. She was later syndicated by United Feature Syndicate, where she irregularly and irreverently wrote tongue-in-cheek columns; being dubbed, “The Brooklyn Bombeck.”

She loves to write. Being a multifarious woman (a true Gemini), she usually tackles two or more projects at a time. She’s presently working on a humorous screenplay and book simultaneously. 

She and her husband, Patrick, a retired police officer, reside in Brooklyn, New York. They are the proprietors of an on-line wicker and jewelry business. In their leisure, they enjoy antiquing and car shows.  She is blessed with two daughters and two sons; the latter being lovable yellow labs, Dudley and Farley. 



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